Buying a water filter for the first time? A go-to-guide for first-time users

Do you want access to clean, safe and healthy water? We have the perfect solution for you. Water filters. Purifying your water is one of the best ways to ensure clean drinking water – eliminating bacteria, harmful chemicals and other toxins that can induce adverse body reactions.

Is it your first time buying a water filter for your home? Are you unsure about whether you need one or not? Curious about the benefits it can provide you?

We have all the answers!

We understand that it can be quite confusing when it comes to deciding which filter is going to work best for you. Read on to learn more about water filters and what you should know before purchasing one.

Does a water filtration system give me access to clean drinking water?

Water filtration systems are one of the best ways to remove bacteria, chemicals and metals that may affect your water’s quality, taste and smell. Clean drinking water is a basic requirement for healthy and sustainable living. The regular tap water we consume today contains several chemicals to ‘disinfect, purify and sterilise’ – chlorine is a prime example.

Such chemicals may have harmful side effects when consumed for prolonged periods of time. Choosing a good water filter will help remove impurities, toxins and chlorine, providing you with high quality and clean drinking water. Not only does a water filtration system gives you access to clean drinking water, but you will also enjoy great value for money with costs working out to be much less than relying on bottled water.

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What to look for in water filters?

Before you decide to buy a water filter here are some things you should look out for.

Choose a water filtration system with excellent contamination removal efficiency, and one that is going to improve the overall quality of your drinking water as per your need. 

At VitaSmart, our water filtration systems and products are of the highest quality. We aim to provide the public with not only great-tasting water but one that is healthy, pure and safe. Our water filtration systems improve the overall quality of water through the efficient removal of fine particulates, organic matter, chlorine, microplastic, virus & bacteria.

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Cost and maintenance: the water filter you decide to purchase should be one that is affordable to maintain and use. Water filter costs depend on many factors, including intensity of use, feedwater source as well as filter design & features. You also want to make sure the water filter and cartridges you choose is are easy to use and replace. Water filter cartridges will need to be replaced from time to time and ensuring this process is simple will make your life easier!

Our VitaSmart water filtration systems are super simple to install and maintain. The VitaSmart universal under-sink water purifiers are compatible with all 10” cartridges available in the market. They are also packed with a full DYI kit to suit Australian homes – including a ½“ connection hose, hangers, and a filter housing locking wrench for ease of assembly and maintenance.

Size and performance: deciding on the most suitable water filter and cartridges can be the most difficult step. In order to simplify this process, VitaSmart has developed a SMART guide to assist in your selection – ensuring you end up with the right filter for the right application.

Portfolio simplification is another key factor. VitaSmart has divided its cartridges into 3 families: i) SEDI family (targets fine particulates and sediments), ii) CARBI family (targets the removal of organic matters & chlorine), iii) the state-of-the-art ULTRA family which combines the SEDI and CARBI features into one cartridge, plus another layer to protect against microplastic, viruses & bacteria.

At VitaSmart, we proudly design and supply a wide range of high-quality filtration products to give you access to safe, bacteria-free water. Our under-sink purifiers are easy to install, use and maintain, making them the perfect addition to your home or office space.

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