Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will it fit my Shower Head?

    All our shower filters are Universal fit. The connection is 2.5 cm in diameter. Please ensure your shower head connection is the same size.

  • Is it Simple to Install?
    <>Yes! Simply disconnect the shower head from the hose, connect the top of your H201 filter to the shower head, then attach the hose to the bottom end of the filter. Please ensure the O-rings remain in place. Rinse for 2-3 min after installation.

    It is even easy to install with mounted faucets. Occasionally, in homes where the connections are tight, a small wrench may be used.

  • What are the main benefits of using this shower filter?

    The main function of this product is to remove residual Chlorine; known to cause skin irritation and damages the hair. The main active ingredient is Vitamin C, designed to protect your skin & hair from antioxidants. Numerous natural products are also present to provide a strong moisturising effect.

    Additionally, sediments such as dirt & rust are also removed in the final protective layer present within your H201 shower filter.

  • Is the filtered shower water safe to drink?

    If you are looking for a drinking water filter, please click on this link. The H201 shower filter is not designed as a drinking water filter, although it is 100% safe if water is orally consumed.

  • Do I need to rinse with regular water?

    You certainly do not need an additional rinse. All our ingredients are 100% food grade.

  • Who is able to use this product?

    It is suitable for people of all ages. There is a fragrance-free product specially designed for babies. There is also a filter specifically designed for pets – promoting healthy skin & lustrous fur!

  • My skin is very dry, how effective is this product as a moisturiser?

    If you suffer from dry skin, using the H201 shower filter will greatly improve your skin’s hydration. It is strongly recommended to use this moisturising Vitamin C filter for people with dry skin.

    Numerous ingredients are used to achieve a strong moisturising effect – including: trehalose extracted from cactus oil, evening primrose oil, olive oil, and coconut milk powder.

  • What is the replacement cycle?

    It is a simple formula, the filter can live for 2 months if used by 4 people with a 5-min daily shower routine.

    There is also a life gauge on the side of the filter that indicates when it is time to replace. It is safe to continue to use the filter after this period, although the main functions will no longer be active.

  • What is the expiration date after opening?
    It is recommended to use within 6 months from:
    • Removal of vacuum vinyl bag
    • Removal of the box and exposure to sunlight.
    • Product first exposed to air or UV light
    The shelf life prior to opening is 3 years.
  • Can I remove it and connect it only when taking a shower?

    It is recommended that the filter is not exposed to air or direct sunlight as the active ingredients may lose their effect. We recommend always keeping it connected to the shower head.

  • What are the main ingredients?

    The ingredients of our H201 shower filter are all made from 100% food grade materials. It is a product that does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals, such as preservatives. The main active ingredients can be found within any of the main product pages.