Service Heroes, NSW
Ramzi, NSW
“You made it Simple!

An offering that is simple and affordable. Installation with your DIY kit was very straightforward!”

Christine, QLD
“Customer Service!

The team at VitaSmart was extremely helpful in answering all my questions. Products were also shipped the same day! Thanks Guys! ”

Lucas, NSW
“Smart Selection!

Many different water filters out there, selecting the right one was confusing, until I stumbled on VitaSmart. Used the Smart Guide to select what filter best suits my home.”

Andy, SA
Saving us $$$!

Received and installed my SOLO cartridge today. Very pleased with it… multiple layers of protection in a single filter, saving us space and money!

Hannah, VIC
Easy Replacement

Had an existing 2-stage under-sink system at home. Used the TORNADO and NOVA cartridges to get more protection than the previous cartridges installed, for less of the price! Thank you!

Andrew, NSW
This water is so crisp!

This water is so crisp! I can really taste the difference. Extremely happy this is in my kitchen now. Hopefully, it gets my kids to drink more water!

Lesley, WA
Great taste!

Great water quality and taste. The whole family noticed the difference. Thank you VitaSmart for this awesome product.

Harry, VIC
You can taste how clean it is!

I am convinced that I can taste the cleanliness of this water. It is crystal clear and super refreshing! Thanks so much VitaSmart!

Tina, ACT
Old pipes, no problem!

I was always a little worried about the quality of water I was drinking as I live in a pretty old building (who knows how old those pipes are). When I saw that this cartridge filtered out rust, I immediately jumped on it. I feel a lot better knowing I’m not drinking any harmful substances.

Louis, WA
Easy to install

I hate installing things as it always takes forever, but this was really simple. Took no time at all. Good on you, VitaSmart for creating a great product!

Brendan, NT
Clean water for my fam

I’m always concerned about the water my family drinks. Extremely grateful to VitaSmart for this superb product. Functions like a gem and the water tastes great.

Amelia, NSW
Great Single Stage Purifier!

I didn’t have a lot of space for an undersink filter system, so I went with the UsePure Uno for it’s compact design, and I was honestly surprised at how easy it was to install. I paired it with the Solo Cartridge to get the most out of my filtered water and it’s incredible the difference.

Mike, QLD
Taste the difference!

I originally got the Ultra Solo to have cleaner water but man, does it make a difference in the taste! It’s crisper and cleaner tasting. Never turning back.

Oliver, NSW
Super simple installation

I bought the UsePure Duo which I initially thought would be a pain to install without a plumber, but surprisingly it isn’t! They give you literally everything you need to assemble it including a handy purifier housing locking wrench. I used their online how-to guide and it was done in no time!

Charlotte, ACT
Clean water, finally!

It’s great having clean water right from my kitchen tap. I spent years buying bottled water and those large filter jugs – so glad that I never have to return to that. The Uno Purifier was incredibly easy to install, and the team at VitaSmart answered all my questions promptly on their WhatsApp chat.

Xavier, QLD
Saves me space in my kitchen

I went from a massive filter jug to an even larger water cooler. I cannot stand both as one takes up counter space and the other takes up actual kitchen space. Plus, they both affect my kitchen’s aesthetic. This under sink water filter solves all of my problems! It works well and you never see it – winner in my books.

Stephanie, WA
Fit my purifier!

Got the Trident plus cartridge which fit my purifier, no problem (thank goodness!). It’s been working really well so far and I definitely noticed a difference in my water. Super happy overall.

James, NT
Rebecca, WA
A spa in your home!

The cherry blossom fragrance is sweet as! It’s such a joy to come home after a long day. Love it VitaSmart!

Imogen, NSW
Easy to install

I was slightly worried about how I’d install the shower filter, but VitaSmart’s team helped me through it. It was pretty simple after all! Great customer service guys.

Jack, ACT
Helped my dry skin!

My skin was suffering during winter. Dry patches were everywhere so, I switched to VitaSmart’s H201 Aqua Blue Lemon Shower Filter and all I can say is wow! My dry pitches didn’t just disappear but my overall skin looked and felt smoother. Highly recommend if you struggle with dry skin.

Tina, NT
The dogs love it!

Tito, my dog, is a HUGE fan! It may just be that he loves playing in the water, but I can tell you that his coat is super shiny whenever we use the pet shower filter. Him smelling like coconut after is an added bonus too.

Zoe, NSW
Ylang ylang iris is the bomb!

Do yourself a favour and get the ylang ylang iris shower filter. It makes the slightest difference but man, it’s so good!

Olivia, VIC
Fit my shower

I wasn’t sure if the shower filter would fit my shower but, thank goodness it does! I sent them a picture of my showerhead and they were extremely helpful in making sure that it would before I purchased.

Selina, QLD
Baby Safe

Love using this shower filter with my baby. It removes chlorine which can irritate their gentle skin and is fragrance-free so it doesn’t overpower their little sensitive noses and eyes.

Pauline, NSW
Soft and silky hair

I got the Black Cherry shower filter and it’s made my hair so soft! I originally got a filter to remove chlorine from the water but this one also has moisturising oils–big plus.

Crystal, VIC
Take my stress away!

The H201 White Musk is an amazing shower filter. It provides aromatherapy, which is great for destressing at the end of the day along with removing chlorine. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates the value of a great shower. Thanks for this awesome product, VitaSmart.

Harper, SA
Cleared up my dry skin

I got this shower filter and I’m never going back to anything else! Was super easy to install and my skin has truly noticed a difference. The only problem now is that I never want to get out of the shower.

Lee, NSW
LOVE it for the office

My office colleagues just drink water from the tap. I’m very hesitant to do this as the taste just seems extremely chemical, so I just buy bottled water every day–total waste of money. It’s great to have LifeStraw as it filters out everything you don’t want and makes the water taste great, giving me peace of mind. Plus, I can just fill from the tap and have my water filtered as I drink. Love, love, love!

Emma, SA
No muddiness and tastes better!

I don’t mind drinking water from the earth while hiking but the muddiness can really throw me off. This is the first filter I’ve found that actually reduces the murkiness of the water plus the water tastes super fresh. Definitely recommending to all of my buddies.

Lachlan, NSW
Doesn’t need batteries

This bottle does not need charging or any batteries which is sooo helpful! When I’m hiking or on the road, I don’t even have somewhere to charge my phone nor do I care to carry extra batteries, so it’s really convenient this bottle doesn’t require it.

Arabella, NT
Super easy to change the filter

The filter capsules in this bottle are so easy to change! Plus it takes forever until you HAVE to change them because it filters something like 4000 litres – super impressive!

Beck, VIC
Perfect for hikes!

I absolutely love hiking but I always run out of water! LifeStraw is great because I can collect water from just about anywhere and filter it easily with my bottle. It removes E Coli and Salmonella which is present in a lot of water you find on hiking trails. Such a relief to have this gem!

Tessa, ACT
Free Shipping!

There are quite a few options to purchase this bottle elsewhere but I got free shipping on the two stage lifestraw bottle and it got to my home really fast. I checked out VitaSmart on Social media and it seems like this company truly does care about the environment, which I can get behind.

Layton, SA

I can’t tell you how many water bottles I have bought that are NOT BPA-free. When I found LifeStraw I was so thrilled that I made all of my colleagues buy it. Great Quality.

Zak, NSW