Under sink water filters: Do I need one?

Humans are comprised of mostly water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, up to 60% of the human adult is made of water. There is no argument regarding the essential nature of water for all – it serves an inexhaustible list of benefits which contribute to our day-to-day functions – it is a token of survival.

Myth or fact: tap water in Australia is filtered and considered as one of the ‘best’ 

Water systems in Australia are sourced from various catchments, meaning depending on where you are, water might taste different and may contain different contaminants. Although fine to drink, Australians still seem to find bottled water the superior option to tap water. Why? The answer is simple – better tasting and safer water.

There is no such thing as natural, pure water. When water flows in a natural environment, it treks across a variety of landscapes including rivers, dams, layers of soil and more.

Figure 1.1: Illustration of your water journey from ‘Tank to Tap’

Before flowing from your kitchen or bathroom tap, water is filtered and treated from various soluble and insoluble contaminants and then disinfected with chlorine to destroy bacteria, viruses, etc. which may be present. If these microorganisms are inadequately treated or removed, disease and illness may arise.

According to figure 1.1, multiple risk zones might impact your water with harmful contaminants, including the public piping network as well as your own home’s tank and internal piping. The underlining issue here lies in the fact that these marked zones could be old, contaminated or built from materials that may leach – rendering the drinking water to be not as clean as we presume.

Drinking water from the tap: is an under-sink filter necessary? 

The importance of an under-sink water filter is often seen as unimportant. Understanding the implications of an under-sink water filter is critical to ensure that you fully comprehend the necessity and benefits of clean and purified water. 

For almost half of Australians, the usual source of drinking water at home remains from the tap. 

Things you should consider when deciding if you should invest in high-quality under-sink water filters include:

Easy to install When you purchase your filter from VitaSmart, you will be given detailed textual and visual guides for installing your water filter. Requiring little plumbing skills, installing your under-sink water filter is easy, simple and hassle-free! 
Cost-effective Deciding to invest in an under-sink water filter is an affordable purchase. From initial purchase costs all through to maintenance costs, VitaSmart’s under-sink water filters are one of the most affordable filters on the Australian market. 
Saves space Unlike other types of filters that can be installed in your home, an under-sink water filter is just that – under your sink. Hidden from your guests, they are space-saving and help maintain the appearance of your kitchen, without the clutter. 
Little to no maintenance Simple, an under-sink water filter does not require a sophisticated service or complicated maintenance routine. Apart from a routine replacement (which VitaSmart’s exclusive App can help you monitor!), there is virtually nothing else to worry about when it comes to maintaining your filter. 
Exceptional taste Installing an under-sink water filter means the lingering taste and smell of cleaning chemicals is entirely void, while you are given clear uncloudy water.
Contributes to overall body health There is no justifying the importance of water for our bodies – we need it to sustain. Drinking purified, bacteria-free water can assist in keeping our biological systems as clean as possible while helping with correct functioning daily.

Despite this list of benefits, many Australian households continue to ignore the microbiological and chemical risks associated with unfiltered water. Unfiltered water can include impurities (natural and unnatural) that can infect or damage your health. Health risks can arise from the presence of the following in tap water: 

  • Bacteria 
  • Protozoa 
  • Viruses 
  • Pesticides and herbicides 
  • Nitrate 
  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Aluminium
  • Microplastics 

The team at VitaSmart are experts in the water filtration industry. We know all about clean, bacteria-free and safe water and want to help you and your family avoid dangerous contaminants at all costs. 

With a combined experience of over two decades in the water filtration industry, VitaSmart possesses an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability, making us the best option when it comes to keeping your water safe using water filters in Australia.

Contact us today to see how we can best advise and help you make the perfect decision when purchasing a water filter. With various options, we can work together to find the most suitable filtration system for your family and your home. 

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