Water filter cartridges: Smart, Safe and Simple drinking water solutions

With numerous incidents occurring over the last decade concerning dirty or contaminated water, there is no doubt that there is a relationship between clean water and one’s health.

Various filtration processes are constituted to ensure that water is safe for domestic use. The importance of having clean water is non-negotiable, perhaps this is why more and more Australians are turning to in-house water filtration systems. With VitaSmart you:   

  • Won’t spend a fortune for a system when you can spend between $65-$95 on a state-of-the-art under-sink water purifier
  • Will pay a low price for top-quality replacement cartridges, designed in Australia for Australia
  • Will learn and understand the essential elements of a water filter prior to making your purchasing decision
Australian drinking water guidelines

Figure 1: Australia is governed by a strict set of laws which assist in ensuring water is clean and consumable.

Despite these efforts outlined by legislative bodies, there are various factors which can affect the taste, smell and overall quality of drinking water in your home or office.

Water purifiers in a domestic setting are a fantastic means of filtering your tap water. The best way to get ‘clean and pure’ water is by using a water filter cartridge, tailor-fit for your needs. The importance of filtered water is crucial to protect your family from disease and a range of other hazards associated with unpurified water.

Replaceable water filter cartridges provide the safest and best tasting water

Home water purifiers are best maintained when their filter cartridges are replaced according to their lifespan. Hence, home filtration systems should be:

  • Simple and compact in design
  • Effective in purifying water
  • Economical and straightforward to maintain

Here are three reasons why VitaSmart water purifiers and their cartridges are incredibly advantageous in a domestic setting:


  • Not only do water filters provide a clean source of water, but they are also a more affordable option in comparison to bottled water.
  • VitaSmart Home Water Purifiers are able to produce volumes equivalent to over ~20,000 one-litre bottles, but have a total cost of less than ~50 bottles!
  • VitaSmart has developed algorithms to predict when it is the best time to replace your cartridge filter – this will avoid unnecessary replacements, saving you money in the process.

● Long-life:

  • Once installed, the purifier housing requires little to no maintenance for numerous years. Only the replacement cartridges require changing depending on the intensity of use.
  • For your convenience, VitaSmart offers a variety of durable filter cartridges with a lifespan of 3-12 months.
  • Moreover, VitaSmart provides a friendly reminder to let you know when your cartridge is due for replacement.

● Contributes to good health:

  • Water purifiers in your home serve as the final safeguard to remove potentially dangerous contaminants which may have crept into your drinking water. This greatly reduces your family’s exposure to pathogens and microplastics.
  • Filtering your tap water can provide better tasting and odourless drinking water through the removal of chlorine, organic matter, pesticides, heavy metals and bacterial contaminants.
  • Drinking water with heavy metals (such as lead) can cause long-term harm, including an increased risk of high blood pressure and kidney damage. Using a water purifier in your home is an extremely effective way to protect against this risk.
  • Drinking clean water is especially crucial for children in developing a strong immune system.
  • VitaSmart Home Water Purifiers positively contribute to the environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles and associated toxic waste.

The VitaSmart difference: our water filter cartridges are the supreme choice 

Different filters mean different filtration results, depending on their particular features and materials. At VitaSmart, we offer a variety of cartridge options to ensure that our designs can withstand a wide range of substances – from fine particulates, such as rust, dirt, and microplastics to protection against chemicals, such as chlorine.

Our state-of-the-art product range is manufactured from different materials and exhibit unique features to help combat:

Cartridges Universal portfolio

Figure 2: VitaSmart’s universal portfolio of cartridges

At VitaSmart, we are all about creating and promoting great-tasting, healthy, pure and safe water. Through advanced research and continuous development, we are able to help you enhance the quality and performance of your filtration system and contribute to reducing the risk of contaminated water in your home.

Our friendly, experienced team are able to educate and assist you throughout the process of choosing the perfect filter for your home. Get in touch with us today.

Proudly Australian

Our product range is trusted, recognised and widely used because of our proud Australian ownership, local presence, and quality.

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Our approach is to educate and assist you throughout the process of choosing the perfect filter for your application.

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Our range of filters use leading-edge technologies, ensuring your system operates at optimal levels to produce effective, safe and pure water.